Rehab Day 16: Halfway Done

Kitchen Renovation

We’re pleased to announce that we’re halfway done with the rehab of 2775 SW 1st St in Little Havana. Everything has gone smoothly, and we’re on schedule thankfully.

I should clarify: we are 50% done with the repairs and renovations, but the project won’t be done for another four to five weeks due to lead times on kitchen cabinets and new windows, both of which are being fabricated.

Here’s a recap of the work completed:

Demoed kitchen and laundry room

Replaced floor joists in kitchen

Rewired electrical in kitchen

Replaced electrical breaker panel

Hung drywall in kitchen

Built steps outside kitchen

Closed laundry room doorway in kitchen

Installed light fixtures

Added new exterior doors

Updated kitchen plumbing

You can see from the “before” photo on the left and “after” shot on the right that one wall of the kitchen was removed for an open kitchen layout. And that we added an exterior door. The floor was sunken due to damaged floor joists, so that needed to be completely redone. Also, the electrical in the kitchen had to be brought up to code.

This weekend, and into next week, we are refinishing the wood floors (need to be sanded, repaired, and stained), installing new windows, and beginning trim work inside the house. Pressure washing of the roof and exterior walls will follow along with painting the entire property (inside and out). The cabinets are being made and should be ready in about two weeks.

Check back soon for more photos of the rehab!


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